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Failing with a Purpose

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Failure is the inevitable. It’s not a matter of if, but when. So when failures fall into your lap, how do you respond? How do you handle the adversity of knowing you fell short? Often times, it's not about the actual "event of failure" but how you react to the situation.

What if I told you that it’s not about the “L” you take, but more about how you react to the idea of taking that loss?

Ask yourself how can you succeed at the heights of your potential without failing? It’s okay to create your own reality, with your own narratives. Understand that the word “failure” is subjective. You can put two people in the same situation that creates “failure”. Person A failed, went home, complained, avoided accountability, went to sleep stressed only to wake up the next day & repeat the cycle. Person B failed. Questioned it! Accepted their accountability towards the situation. Thought of a plan of action for next time. But most importantly learned! Person B would go on to complete that daily cycle & eventually succeed in the situation. So who really failed?

All failures aren’t equal...

The crazy part, is that while reading that you may have been able to recognize those Person A’s in real life. You may be one of them. Any cycle can be broken but it’s on you to decide that it’s time to break it. We all have the power to make choices. Why is it so common for people to choose to accept failure? I think a driving reason would be fear. The word fear followed by any cliché insecurity-type adjective. Fears of looking stupid. The fear of looking lame. The fear of looking weak. The fear of looking like you don’t belong. Millions of reasons and most of them very much personal. Check this quote out.

 “My fears make me great.” - Bas 

What does that line mean to you? There are individuals who’re stuck in webs of failure because of their fears & being overly comfortable. They never give themselves a chance to learn from their mistakes by existing solely within that space. That’s crippling to you, your personal development and your potential opportunities. During Kobe Bryant’s hall of fame career, he missed the most shots out of any NBA player to ever walk the court. Do we label Kobe a failure or the fearless risk-taking goat that he is? You have to fail to give yourself an opportunity to learn. The beautiful thing about ugly situations, is that you can use them to brighten up even the darkest times, situations or experiences. Including any & all failures!

The same fears that you use to trap yourself can be used as a gateway to the life you deserve to live.

The fears you’ve already conquered are contributing to the greatness you possess at this very moment! So how much more room are your willing to allow yourself to grow? Room to expand into your greatness? If you’re wallowing in your past mistakes & stressing over failures you’ve encountered just by being human and can’t accomplish that. Moving forward, take the time to give yourself credit. Take the time to put the magnifying glass on any “failures” you currently may be experiencing and see the silver-linings. Seek out the good in the midst of the bad, because it’s there! Readjust & seek control over your own situations. A little accountability goes a long way sometimes, so stop failing just for the sake of failing. Make today the day you begin to fail with a purpose!

Mentality is everything...what's yours?

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